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From Vimwiki to plain Markdown

August 24, 2021

Updated 25/08/2021

Why I’m changing

I have been using a combination of vimwiki and Mkdocs inside neovim for a while now, but I’m not really satisfied with the outcome. Although Mkdocs with the material theme/ is extremely feature-packed (python markdown extensions are greatly useful), I feel like rejecting bloat and returning to simplicity is better for blogging/journalling/organising in general. Mkdocs was made with slick documentation in mind so the Javascript was annoying me quite a bit.


I looked up SSG and found Hugo to be easy to use, I have yet to deploy a GitHub page with it and archive my Mkdocs repository, but once I do it, it will feel like a proper personal blog!

In terms of neovim, I will replace vimwiki with a good Markdown syntax plugin because the built-in one is hot garbage. This means I won’t need vim-zettel as well, and instead of using any plugins, I will just manage my page with hugo <command> instead. But good syntax-highlighting and font-formatting is what I’m looking for. Following links can be done with gf and fuzzy search or live_grep for it with telescope.nvim.

Anyway, this would be my first post created with Hugo’s built-in commands.

Vim plugins

I found this to be the best vim Markdown plugin. I can edit some of its highlight groups to add gui=strikethrough for strikethrough support. While following links don’t quite work because I have to declare cross-referenced links in a weird way, which the plugin cannot understand. But if I hover my mouse over, and use gf, I follow the link like magic.