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A tired zoomer's perspective on chat services

July 23, 2021

Updated 06/01/2022

Here’s a fact; There are simply too many chat services, it’s splitting my brain. Quick breakdown of the ones I use (forced to use):


Just as any other zoomer out there, I use Discord as primary communication with my friends, and most of popular public servers. It stores your chat logs in plain text and probably sells your data. I don’t know, it sucks but it’s popular. I sometimes have to use mumble while gaming for VC because it’s literally a browser taking up almost a gigabyte of RAM. Inb4 “download more ram”.

What I do instead. I use an e2ee plugin through BetterDiscord called Apote. There’s also SimpleDiscordCrypt but it’s unmaintained and pretty dead. On my Android phone I just use Insular to create a work profile and use Aliucord in that profile instead.


There are a few interest groups here but I use the Saved Messages to literally backup my images and send myself links so I can check them out on another device. I keep recipes this way. I use the K web version and Nekogram on Android.


Matrix is promising, but no one I know uses it. The bridges are cool, but I’d rather run full irc to keep it simple. I use Fluffychat on all platforms.

Side note

I followed this link below to integrate Libera into Matrix.


I live in Europe and Whatsapp is used by virtually everyone here. It’s for uni groups, housemates, etc., but you gotta admit it’s e2ee (or so they claim). The backdoors shouldn’t affect me because I don’t send or receive CP and I always remember to send “Good morning” texts and images to those I love (honestly this joke makes no sense and is not funny if you’re not a Mental Outlaw fan)! I use Whatsapp through Insular on Android, and set up Multi-device so I can have it in my browser (Librewolf, dedicated Facebook container) without my phone around.

Instagram/Messenger/ a.k.a other irrelevant Facebook platforms

Let’s be real, who calls them Meta? I have messenger and Instagram for some old friends, like really really old, think middle school and primary. I probably open those websites once a year at this point. Update: Barinsta got a C&D, I kept on using it, they locked my Instagram, probably will only give it back to me if I give up my personal info like face/id/phone number. I am not doing that in a million years. It’s a toxic platform anyway and I couldn’t care less. I’m much happier now. RIP Barinsa.