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Bitwarden—Why I decided against self-hosting

July 23, 2021

Why I did this in the first place

I am not in the position to self-host anything over the internet. I live in a rented property and the router isn’t mine. Heck, I can’t even log into the router dashboard. But I was getting into self-hosting, privacy, all that jazz, and thought I could read through Bitwarden docs and gave it a go locally. What could go wrong? The best case scenario is that it’s hassle-free enough that I keep an offline copy when I leave the house and come back to sync. Very similar to Syncthing, which I’m using between all my devices already.

Doing it

Very simple, I RTFM’d and set up a docker container to host an instance of Bitwarden locally. I’ve also read about Vaultwarden, but since it was an experiment, I didn’t want more trouble deciding which one I should test out.

Everything worked out fine. But here are some realisations. My passwords now contain a single point of failure, and that is my physical computer, if anything were to happen to the data on desktop, then my passwords are gone. This entails a good back up of my physical drives, but I’m yuropoor so ehhh after moments of deliberation, I decided to not deactivate my current Bitwarden account hosted on their centralised server.

Post Host Clarity: the Morning after

After a good night sleep, a bit of Searx-fu to read up about self-hosting a password manager, I conclude that doing so is bad opsec. Yes, you have control over your data, but I’m dumber than a bric. If you compare my sysadmin abilities to a Bitwarden employee, I think I know who’s going back to passwords on a post-it note first. One day, maybe one day, I will have the resource and knowledge to self-host many, many things. Maybe not the bloated IoT projects I see floating around (look, they’re cool, but go and touch some grass please) though. At the moment, I’m just too poor.


Alongside the official documents, I used this to setup the local server (obviously skipping the Nginx public access part). I’m sure there are plenty of guides out there. I’m not a good example, so this isn’t a guide, just a ramble.