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How I set up my daily driver: Luks on LVM

July 3, 2021

LUKS setup

I wanted to protect my desktop PC with LUKS2, I decided to use LVM after reading not so good things about BTRFS. I settled on LUKS on LVM instead of LVM on LUKS because I wanted to have partition separation for easier control if I do end up with a corrupted root partition. While chain unlocking is not as secure as entering two passwords to decrypt two partitions, the guide I used worked and it is a very good guide which explains everything. Mind that I have used the official Arch installation guide wiki page a few times when I was still clueless and reinstalled Arch every time something minor failed.

Of course, being a great wiki, it also contains the information from the gist I used, this is the page with basically the same information, however the gist did a great job explaining nevertheless.

A visualisation of my partitioning scheme

This little ascii table looks very messed up on mobiles. I apologise.

|   EFI   |   lv root   |   lv swap   |   lv home   |
|  /boot  |      /      |             |    /home    |
|  fat32  |     ext     |             |     ext     |
|  /d/n1  |  /d/m/root  |  /d/m/swap  |  /d/m/home  |
|         |    LUKS2    |   dmcrypt   |    LUKS2    |
|         |-------------+-------------+-------------+
|         |                  vg                     |
|         |-----------------------------------------|
|         |                pv /d/n2                 |

Note for future needs

This is an easy guide to resize a logical volume, if I need to do so in the future.